Tocht door het Schimmenrijk is a project I have done in honour of my brother who passed when I was only 17 years old. He was 24. I was on an exchange with the fashion department of HKU, the art academy of Utrecht. This exchange was all about self expression and to discover what kind of designer you would choose to be. 

I felt the freedom to start a very personal project where I wanted to dive deeper in my heartbreak of losing my brother. My brother meant the world to me and even though we had quite the age gap, we were close. I looked up to him and could not believe it when he had passed. For this project I dove inside his clothing. He cared for his clothes and had a specific personal style. Some of his cloting was such a staple for him we all knew him in it. Including this shirt on the right with the 0. I tried to incorporate these special items into something new, completely inspired by him. 

My brother was a famous hip-hop artist during his time on this earth, and this was something I also wanted to add in this project. In a previous project I designed textile that makes sound by touching it. I took my brother’s music and formed it into something new. New tones that make you feel consolidated when hearing them. When one would lay their head on my shoulder they would be the next ones that would get consolidation. A chain of pain and love. 

The booklet I wrote about my project and how I relate it to my brother
Focus on the ‘0’s which was inspired by his shirt and the scratch type of connecting the panels, inspired by his favourite pants. 
Lean on me
Instructing how the touch textile would work
Front view of the whole outfit