BMAG_archive is the project I graduated with from the Art Academy in 2023. It is a project about modular clothing fitting to any kind of body type or gender. The project was made with the idea in mind that one should be free in what they want to wear. It should be your own choice to decide if your cloting would lean more to the masculine or feminine side of the spectrum. Next to that I felt that different body types are often let out of the equasion when creating new designs. I wanted to encorporate all these facets into one project and this is how I designed this line. 

The project is a continuation on Marrow, where I more so focussed on the pattern of this project. During BMAG_archive I focussed more on wearability, creativity and expansion of the pattern. In addition, I also included a design on the rich cotton that was used. It might look like denim, but the prints are cyanotype. A phototechnique which can be printed on fabrics as well. All pictures which are printed on the fabric were made during the project. They were of my surroundings while working at my atelier. 

“Wear it as you want,
There are no rules, 
Dare to expiriment”

Different options to wear the modular pieces