BMAG_archive is a brand which is set up by the Dutch designer, Brechtje Geluk. She is inspired by textiles, fashion and anything interactive. Geluk focusses on including different types of humans in her design. 

At the moment, Geluk is inspired by comforting objects like the statement pillows and wearable art pieces that one can hang on their daily objects. Geluk is open for custom work and if you would like to request an order you can message her on the methods written here. 

Brechtje Geluk is now based in Athens, Greece. 

Brechtje Geluk has graduated from the Art Academy in Breda, St. Joost School for Art and Design in the Netherlands.  

BA New Design & Attitudes [2019-2023] St. Joost Academy
BA Creative Business [2015-2019] University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Instagram: bmag_archive